North African & Middle Eastern Peoples

Shamal Story

A harsh sun glares down on the dusty town square where Arab history changed one day. It was Dec. 17, 2010, a day like any...

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Jenny Byrd,* a Christian healthcare working serving among Desert Peoples,  carries out a check-up on a newborn at a health clinic in the Sahel region of Northern Africa. (*Name changed.)

Love Compels Them Story

People who serve among the Desert Peoples share their heart on loving people.

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Crisis in Syria Video

As the war in Syria rages on, hear one of our leaders say the harvest is ready. The harvest is now!

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#ThirdWorldJoys Video

We live in a culture dominated by social media. As the Western world has trended #FirstWorldProblems we laugh because we know these are in fact not problems. Somewhere within our First World mentality we have assumed the entirety of the Third World is full of problems. It is time we begin to show the other side of the picture. There is a lot to love about the Third World, which brings so much joy. Here are just a few #ThirdWorldJoys.

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Syrian Crisis Response Giving

Political upheaval has presented an unprecedented opportunity to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Syria. Field personnel continue to respond to the overwhelming needs in Syria, as well as in Lebanon and Jordan. The crisis within Syria has created an opportunity for many Syrians to hear the gospel for the first time, usually while experiencing the tangible love of Jesus Christ through one of his followers serving them in their most desperate need. The opportunities for ministry in this crisis are overwhelming and the resources and laborers are few. Through the funding of this request, thousands of Syrians can be impacted by the love of Christ and can gain access to the gospel.

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NAME Peoples

Pray for the peace of Jesus to be known in Libya, that they would not break into civil war. Praise God for the Hamas-Israeli indefinite truce, and pray they will ultimately know the Prince of Peace. Read how Israeli and Palestinian Christians prayed for each other during the Israeli-Hamas conflict.