North African & Middle Eastern Peoples

Shamal Story

A harsh sun glares down on the dusty town square where Arab history changed one day. It was Dec. 17, 2010, a day like any...

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Jenny Byrd,* a Christian healthcare working serving among Desert Peoples,  carries out a check-up on a newborn at a health clinic in the Sahel region of Northern Africa. (*Name changed.)

Love Compels Them Story

People who serve among the Desert Peoples share their heart on loving people.

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Crisis in Syria Video

As the war in Syria rages on, hear one of our leaders say the harvest is ready. The harvest is now!

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Bread Video

A Palestinian grandmother talks about the importance of bread in her family and community.

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Wounded Warrior Story

A wounded warrior learns the power of forgiveness. He once hated Syrians. Now he serves them.

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NAME Peoples

Many makeshift markets can be found throughout the Zaatari refugee camp. #Syrian #refugees #market Syrian children play in the Zaatari camp. #Syrian #refugees #Pray for Aleppo! The city has been under a tight embargo for ~2 wks. Power has been off for 5 days. Many food items can not be found.