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Since 2011, the conflict in Syria has resulted in the death of thousands and the forced displacement of millions. However, God is at work in the midst of this tragedy. Here you´ll find stories, photos and videos about Syrians, God´s work among them and how you can be involved.


In an ongoing conflict, 4 million Syrian refugees have fled the violence. Hands On student workers Kendall Stanford,* Lana Keely* and Chloe Ralston* show God’s love to refugee families in their city.
Face to Face

A volunteer team meets the Syrian crisis face to face.

Not Forgotten

An Alaska church shares God’s love with Syrian refugees in the Middle East.

God-given opportunities

Baptists continue commitment to ministry among Syrians as refugee numbers approach the 4 million mark.

3 Million Syrian Refugees

The UNHCR registers more than 3 million refugees, and Christian workers urge the church to remain involved.

‘Crushing’ Emergency

As millions of Syrian refugees watch resources dry up, Christians fleeing Iraq add to the region’s refugee crisis.

Love is Overwhelming

Zunairah*, a Syrian refugee, comes to faith through a dream and encountering Rachel*, a Christian worker.

Double Crisis

As thousands flee intense fighting in Iraq, they compound the region’s overwhelming Syrian refugee problem.

Living like death

Writer Eden Nelson hears a Syrian woman’s story of despair and glimpses her hopelessness without Christ.

We’re all just people

A volunteer team visits the Middle East to share the love of Christ with Syrian refugees — and they leave forever changed.

The ‘crisis of our day’

Jack Logan, a regional leader, shares his heart on how the global Church can and should respond to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Devastating Milestone

As Lebanon registers its millionth Syrian refugee, the Church remembers the people’s stories, hurts and needs.

Cup of Coffee

Syrian boy sells coffee alongside the sea, unseen by those around him.

Wounded Warrior

A wounded warrior learns the power of forgiveness. He once hated Syrians. Now he serves them.

The Time is Now

There’s a question that keeps Jack Logan* awake at night: Who is praying for the people of Syria?

The Sounds of War

Saving the children of the war is a crucial task

Syrians Flee

Faraj* shows the ugly scars to prove it. A bullet in his knee can’t be removed. His crime? He was a teacher in Syria;

The Lord is with Me

Syrians face Uncertainties

The Good Mother

Miriam* sits against a wall on a pad that will double as a pallet this evening. One of the 14 people who live here — and...

Pray for Syria

Believers ponder movement of the Gospel in Syria, ask for prayers

Respond to Syria

The outflow of Syrian refugees is at a rate similar to the Rwandan genocide. How are we to respond?

Casualties of War

A grief-stricken Syrian father shares the story of his family’s escape and their struggles finding a new life in Jordan.

Encounters with Jesus

Miracles on the border: Syrians encounter Jesus. Syrian refugees find more than shelter.

Weep for the Dead

Hope for the hopeless in Syrian conflict

Hope to Syrians

Syrians miss being home. The sense of identity and refuge they find in being around family

Syria in agony

In times of war and human suffering, people are open to the Gospel. As Syrian violence spreads, Baptist worker sees quiet...

Photos and Videos

Loving Syrian Refugees

Nearly 4 million Syrians have fled their country due to an ongoing war. Three recent college grads from Alabama spent six months serving Syrian refugees in the Middle East as part of IMB Students’ Hands On program.
Not Forgotten

Having read about the ongoing Syrian war, a few members from a Texas church decided to meet the Syrian crisis face to face.


Children in the Middle East who are affected by war share the dreams they have for the future.

Syrian refugees in Turkey

Syrians seek a new normalcy in bordering Turkey, which is now home to more than 800,000 registered Syrian refugees.

An Unprecedented Time

The ongoing crisis within Syria has created an opportunity for many Syrians to hear the Gospel for the first time.

Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Fleeing from the violence, yet struggling to survive:  Scars, sorrow, and the shadow of war.

Making Dreams Come True

After losing her mother and abandoning all hope of pursuing her dreams, a young Syrian now lives for the joy of her siblings.

Face of Syrian Refugees

Half of the over 2,000,000 Syrian refugees are children under the age of 18.

No One But God

A young Syrian father shares the story of his family's escape from the Syrian civil war.

Winter Storm

Winter Storm Hits Syrian Refugee Camp

Syrian Children at Risk

After fleeing the horrors of war, Syrian refugee children face many new challenges as young refugees struggling to get by.

No Direction Home

Resorting to a life on the streets, many young Syrian refugees become premature entrepreneurs struggling to stay alive.

Crisis to Disaster

As winter continues, there are specific ways you can pray for the Syrians affected by the crisis.

Crisis in Syria

As the war in Syria rages on, hear one of our leaders say the harvest is ready. The harvest is now!

Wounded Warrior

Fadi (name changed), an undersized Lebanese boy, grew up enduring the fists and contempt of his father.

Even in War

Even in war, there are great opportunities. Syrians escaping the tragic conflict in their homeland...

Get Involved

Syrian Crisis Response Giving

Political upheaval has presented an unprecedented opportunity to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Syria. Field personnel continue to respond to the overwhelming needs in Syria, as well as in Lebanon and Jordan. The crisis within Syria has created an opportunity for many Syrians to hear the gospel for the first time, usually while experiencing the tangible love of Jesus Christ through one of his followers serving them in their most desperate need. The opportunities for ministry in this crisis are overwhelming and the resources and laborers are few. Through the funding of this request, thousands of Syrians can be impacted by the love of Christ and can gain access to the gospel.

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Syria Crisis - Baptist Global Response Giving

Due to the escalating violence and turmoil in Syria, Syrians are fleeing to surrounding countries. Most are leaving with few possessions and very limited ability to provide for their own basic needs. Southern Baptists are helping thousands of desperate families who have fled the violence in Syria -- now totaling an astounding 9.3 million people, inside the country and out. BGR partners are providing food parcels and hygiene kits to families in need.

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